Warrior Events provides veterans and their families the opportunity to engage with and become pillars in their community following military service.

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Our Mission

A 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization, Warrior Events, provides local veterans and their families the opportunity to engage with and become pillars in their community through activation events, leadership forums, and partnered civic support programs.

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"Their [Warrior Events] passion to ensure everyone in attendance feels special and has a memorable experience makes every gathering a 'bucket list' event. Warrior Events creates wonderful opportunities for our Warriors and their families"

- Lieutenant General, John Sattler (USMC, ret.) 



Our vision is to cultivate a local network of strong veteran families who successfully integrate into and support their communities following their service and sacrifice.


Warrior Events established W.E.IGNITE to assist those in need of a hand up during their transition from military to civilian life. We connect the veteran to a sustainable alumni network of veterans, mentors, community leaders, and friends to lean on when hurdles arise.


Since 2016, Warrior Events and Maryland Gold Star Moms have had a special relationship. We connect Gold Star Moms with veterans through social and water activities. This creates a support system to maintain connections between those who have lost family members and the veteran community.


Military veterans are not the only people serving during tours of duty. Families also feel the demand of military life. Warrior Events provides support events and services for children and spouse of those veterans. A strong family = a strong veteran = a strong community leader.


Each year, Warrior Events, holds special community-based events to connect veterans with the broader Maryland Community. This does two things: it creates a comfortable environment for the veterans and their families to connect with their neighbors, and it provides their neighbors a chance to connect with veterans in ways they may not have on a daily basis.


Our Impact

Warrior Events breaks down the product pipeline into three basic deliverables: Sanctuary, Support and Stability. A sanctuary provides peer support, respite and targeted community events. Support is offered within the sanctuary and provides a forum of trust to request assistance in navigating obstacles successfully. Stability is provided through a sustainable network of peers, mentors, and leaders standing by to provide that critical hand up to veterans as long as they establish themselves as pillars in the community.



OF every dollar donated supports our mission

Warrior Events functions off of community support. The majority of our financial support comes in the form of gifts in kind, and we rely on volunteers to execute our mission allowing our overhead to remain low. Further, 99% of any fundraising activity goes back into the programs for our veterans and families.



Years Serving Maryland Veterans and their families

Warrior Events received its 501(c)3 status in 2014, but it was born in 2006. Mike Wilson, John O’Leary and Bob Saunders worked together with the military and wounded service members at Walter Reed Army Hospital and the National Naval Medical Center to create a fun and safe environment outside the hospital walls.



Veterans and family members served

The veteran landscape is constantly changing and evolving, and we’re proud to have touched so many lives in the local community. With your support we hope to constantly recruit new veterans into our programs.


Get Involved

We offer multiple ways to support our mission and our community of local veterans. Please see the various ways below or contact us with any ideas you may have to further our success.


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Become a leadership series speaker, mentor, or host. Receive updates about community engagement events and family support initiatives.


Volunteer opportunities

Connect with us to volunteer at one of our events, host an event, or lend your special skills and services to one of our programs.


Make a Donation

If you can’t become a program or volunteer supporter, we appreciate any monetary donations to help us in our mission. All donations are tax deductible.