Our Mission

A 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization, Warrior Events, provides local veterans and their families the opportunity to engage with and become pillars in their community through activation events, leadership forums, and partnered civic support programs.

Our Vision

To cultivate a local network of strong veteran families who successfully integrate into and support their communities following their service and sacrifice.

Driving the Mission

As prior members of the military, our founders and leaders set out to create a network of Maryland veterans to support one another as they transition from the military to the civilian world. In that mission, they started hosting events to strengthen community bonds, instill the camaraderie they felt while serving, and supporting their families. The veterans that attended those initial events proved they bring a tremendous amount of leadership, drive, and purpose to whatever goals they meant to accomplish.

Although combat has decreased in recent times, our active duty military members and their families still face a tremendous amount of operational stress. It’s also important we maintain and create a sustainable support system for veterans who served our nation at any point, during conflict or peace. We cannot meet our mission goals without our family, friends, neighbors, and supporters who create opportunities that allow our beneficiaries to flourish.

Warrior Events provide Maryland veterans and their families the opportunity to engage with and become pillars in their community following military service.

The Veteran Landscape

  • 9 in 10 (96%) caregivers of veterans are female and 70% provide care to their spouse or partner.

  • 30% of veterans’ caregivers care for a duration of 10 years or more compared to 15% of civilian caregivers nationwide.

  • 88% report increased stress or anxiety as a result of caregiving, and 77% state sleep deprivation as an issue.

  • Veteran care recipients (post 9/11) are more likely than their civilian counterparts to have:

  • A mobility limiting disability (80% vs. 66%)

  • Mental health/substance abuse condition (64% vs. 33%)

  • Meet criteria for probable depression (38% vs. 20%)

  • Suffer from Traumatic Brain Injury (29%), Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, Diabetes (28%), and paralysis or Spinal Cord Injury (20%).


Community Experiences

“Warrior Events is a truly professional organization. They give their heart, time, and money to the wounded warriors and their families. They open up their homes to these men and women even after they finish their treatment at Walter Reed. They truly embody the ethos of no man left behind. This mother thanks you Warrior Events. I am forever grateful to Bob Saunders, John O’Leary and their families.”

— Romona W., Mother of a Wounded Warrior



Warrior Events established W.E.IGNITE to assist those in need of a hand up during their transition from military to civilian life. We connect the veteran to a sustainable alumni network of veterans, mentors, community leaders, and friends to lean on when hurdles arise. 

  • Golden Armor

Since 2016, Warrior Events and Maryland Gold Star Moms have had a special relationship. We connect Gold Star Moms with veterans through social and water activities. This creates a support system to maintain connections between those who have lost family members and the veteran community.

  • Family support

Military veterans are not the only people serving during tours of duty. Families also feel the demand of military life. Warrior Events provides support events and services for children and spouse of those veterans. A strong family = a strong veteran = a strong community leader.

  • Community Events

Each year, Warrior Events, holds special community-based events to connect veterans with the broader Maryland Community. This does two things: it creates a comfortable environment for the veterans and their families to connect with their neighbors, and it provides their neighbors a chance to connect with veterans in ways they may not have on a daily basis.